We placed another bid on a house tonight it is the third one we have attempted to buy!   I never thought this process would be so frusterating and tiring.  The first house went to a highest and best between five different couples and although we had a highest bid we did not get the house.( banks would rather have more up front in a down payment then over thirty years).  The second house we couldn't get the couple selling to agree on a price after going back and forth a few times we pulled our bid.  They have more things to work out than just selling thier house.  The house tonight kind of found mu husband while he was driving around.  We can't find the house on amy website for sale but a big sign in the driveway says for sale so we called out realtor and he got us in to see it.  Now I am just praying that if this is the one God will make it all go smoothly for us.  And he will also give us handy hands to do the work we need to do inside it to make it ours!!  The seller has 72 hours to get back to us as to weather he counters our offer or accepts it!  It is all in God's hands now !!!!  We would appreciate any prayers!


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